Our Values

Jim Griffiths, Curate with his wife Kate

 Our Vision is to be a God-centred Church family, seeking to deepen our personal and corporate spiritual lives, in order to serve God and one another, and those outside the church community.
We believe in the teaching of the Bible, inspired by God to show us His will for our lives. We acknowledge His Son, Jesus Christ, as Saviour and believe that He is at work in our world today through the power of the Holy Spirit – changing people, healing them and setting them free to serve Him.

The congregation at St Mark’s come from all over the city and beyond, so although we have a definable parish boundary, we reflect life from all over Cardiff and from a whole range of different backgrounds. The original church of St Mark the Evangelist, which used to stand in the present position of Gabalfa interchange, was consecrated in 1876. The building was demolished and the present Church built on North Road in 1967.  

St Mark’s is the Church in Wales church in the parish of Gabalfa, in the diocese of Llandaff. The Church in Wales is the Anglican church in the province, disestablished from the church of England early last century. We have our own Archbishop (currently vacant) and our own forms of church service and church “laws”, but we reflect the world-wide Anglican group of churches. Our diocesan bishop elect is Dean June Osborne, and St Mark’s is one of the churches in the deanery grouping of Cardiff. Our Vicar has just retired, so our Curate, Rev. Jim Griffiths is ‘minding the shop’ whilst we pray and wait for God’s choice of successor.