A response to the Archbishop's recent press release


“Gospel must be good news for gay people” – Archbishop

The Archbishop of Wales Dr Barry Morgan sent a press release out today. The full press release here.


Response Statement from Rev Bob Capper 19th April 2012


The Archbishop, in his Presidential Address to the Governing Body, was right to point out issues that the church will have to face in the light of the government’s consultation on marriage.

It was deeply reassuring to have a clear statement from the Bench of bishops of the Church in Wales that it “abides by the Christian doctrine of marriage as the union of one man with one woman freely entered into for life”.

The Church in Wales, along with other churches, has a duty to uphold this teaching as the government’s consultation takes place.

Such clarity is helpful both in upholding what Christians have always held to be the common good of marriage, and in dealing sensitively with pastoral situations.

We have a duty of pastoral care to all, no matter what their orientation or marital situation.

We also have a double duty of listening. First to gay people, whether they have chosen to be in partnerships or remain celibate. Second, for all parties, a continuing listening to the scriptures which are the supreme authority for the church’s teaching and life.