Church In Wales | Read the Bible in a Year

St Mark’s Church are taking part in the Archbishop’s ‘Read the Bible in a Year Plan’ which starts on New Year’s Eve.


The Centre for Biblical Studies has designed a one year reading schedule to help you read successfully through the entire Bible in a year’s time, reading the books of the Bible in sequence and ensuring that a psalm and a por/on of the New Testament are read each day in order to provide strong spiritual daily content to sustain readers working through the entire Bible.

This schedule works ideally if you begin on a  Monday (New Year’s Eve 2013) because we encourage readers to read por/ons of the Bible Monday through Saturday and assume that on  Sunday they will be in church hearing the Scrip-tures. The Bible is best understood in the context of  a faith community and by persons who are  commied to following the teachings of Jesus and obeying the Word of God in their daily life. Merely  hearing the Scriptures on Sunday, however, is not enough to know and experience the living, life-transforming Word of God

We encourage you always to put yourself in the presence of God before you begin reading the Scriptures. Read with a desire to understand and
follow the teachings of Scripture so that your life might be transformed by the Holy Spirit working within you as the Word of God is revealed to your heart, mind and soul. We wish you every blessing in your faithful daily Bible reading.

The full plan is available in pdf here: Church in Wales Read The Bible in a Year

However, if reading the entire bible in a year seems daunting then you should check out the website you version. They have lot’s of different bible studies for all ages and tastes and give you access to various versions of the bible online. You can also read the bible from your smart phone, computer or tablet.