Ignite Hope 2012 | Tremorfa Soccer School

On the first May Bank Holiday weekend (4th—7th) St. Mark’s will be running a Soccer School in Tremorfa. We are looking for junior coaches who help and encourage their team to do the best they can. It’s free to be involved and we would love it if

you joined us.

The Tremorfa Soccer School is just one of many projects happening in Cardiff. There is also an opportunity to gather with other young people from across Cardiff and the Vale in Sophia Gardens where there will be entertainment (inflatables) teaching, sharing stories and worship. Kind of like a mini Soul Survivor. It’s a great opportunity to experience Jesus and share Him with others! This kicks off on Friday night and ends on Monday. The cost for coming along to four nights and three mornings is only £25 including lunch, tea and a T-Shirt.




Every morning we will make our way to Sophia Gardens where we will start the day with worship, teaching from Jamie Hill from the Bible Society and ministry. After an awesome morning, we will begin to get ready for the day ahead! We will gather in our teams, pray, and travel out into communities all across South Wales, delivering this message of Hope.


As the afternoon draws to an end, teams will head back to the Ignite Hope village at Sophia Gardens for a jam packed evening! Delegates will come back, after a tiring day for a celebration, with more worship and inspirational talks from Rachel Gardener, Rob Parsons and the legend that is Dai Hankey! We will hear exciting stories of the day, take some time to chill out and enjoy all the activities going on.

What exactly is Ignite Hope? Jesus tells us to GO into all nations, making disciples. We are going to do just this, we will GO out into the streets and communities of South Wales, bringing a message of Hope. Each hour that we give to serve others is an hour where we are worshipping God by following the example Jesus set for us in being the Gospel as well as talking about it! By taking part you will be getting active serving the people of South Wales, and showing them who Jesus really is!



Helping with Tremorfa Soccer School is free but if you want to take part in the Ignite Hope event then you can download the booking form from here: Ignite Hope Booking Form