Mission Partners | The Tindale’s


Matt and Jude Tindale (with children Caleb and Anna)


St. Mark’s has recently added the Tindale’s as their Mission Partners. Below is a brief outline of what they will be doing. If you would like more information including how you can get in contact with them, then you can go to their website:



What’s the story?


Why Japan?

The great news about Jesus has made us eager; Japanese we have met have grown our compassion; books and films have sparked our curiosity; our church family have encouraged us. In all these ways, and more, God has led us to join his work in Japan.


The needs of Japan have further encouraged us to take this step. The Japanese are among those with least opportunity to hear the gospel and beneath the material success Japan is a suffering nation: more die each year of suicide than in the tsunami of 2011.



Church planting is really just a way of saying that we’ll be intentionally loving and serving people as we go about life. Praying for God to open doors to share the gospel and teach the Bible. It’s ordinary work but is there anything more significant for Japan than communities of Japanese where Jesus is loved and worshipped as Lord and saviour?


Join the story: Pray

God is our Father and we depend on him for everything: practical needs, help with the challenges of crossing culture, fruitfulness. So we are earnestly praying for people who will commit, four years at a time, to pray regularly and encourage.


Would you like our news?

Not everyone has the capacity to commit to pray but if you’re interested in following our story we’d love to send you our monthly or quarterly news. For any of this go to our webpages or get in touch, we’d love to hear from you: