25th January 2015

A Good Start, First Trip

Passage: Genesis 12:1-20
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We may or may not know where we came from, but our 'spiritual DNA' is more important. Those who have faith in Christ are Abraham's children (Gal 3).
Abraham and Sarah had their ups and downs.
1. The initiative of God. If God has called ua, he will see it through.
2. The call of God, to go and leave. We are called to leave things, to turn from the things we know are wrong, and go on a journey with him.
3. The blessing of God. The blessing given to Abraham has come down to us. We are to be Galilee Christians - we are blessed, but that blessing should flow to others.
4. The response of Abraham.
a. Abraham obeyed.
b. Abraham worshipped.
c. Abraham blundered.
i. Israel, not Egypt, is the place of God's blessing.
ii. God, not Abraham, is in control
iii. Abraham is not Jesus

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