27th November 2016

A Great Exhortation

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The Christian life is not unlike a long-distance race. There is an unimaginable prize awaiting us.

There is nothing more important than knowing how to run the race, and to persevere.

1. We look back. If the witnesses can do it, so can we.
2. Get rid of every encumbrance, in particular, sin, that so easily entangles us.
3. We need to get focused on Jesus and the joy of eternity.
a. He is the Pioneer.
b. He is the Sustainer.
c. He is the perfect example of faith.
4. We need to get trained by God's good discipline.
a. Endure hardship - the persecution they would endure, but all hardship.
b. Why does God give us those experiences? To give us life, and for our good and it produces a harvest of righteousness.

How should we respond?
1. We need to trust in God.
2. Be encouraged by the cloud of witnesses.
3. We cannot afford to ignore the warnings.
4. We are in the race together.

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