11th September 2016

A Risky Encounter

Passage: Genesis 39:1-23
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There are many stories in the Old Testament we weren't taught in Sunday School, as they are so unpleasant, but everything is included in the Bible for a purpose, and what matters is what a story has to say to us here and now.
The best way of understanding Scripture is to interpret it in the light of other Scripture.
All the patriarchs, though men of God, were flawed. We are not given a cleaned up account.
Joseph takes a moral decision in rejecting the approaches of Potiphar's wife. Her sin begins with a look, then words, then physical action. How is it that Joseph can resist temptation? God's grace has been poured out upon him. Joseph knew what it was to fear the Lord. God's favour rested on him. God had a providential role for Joseph.
It is God's grace that enables us to overcome temptation.
A paradox, it was the descendants of Judah, who was disgraced in Chapter 38, who were in the genealogy of Jesus, not those of Joseph who resisted temptation.

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