15th March 2015

A Week that Changed The World (4)

Passage: Mark 12:28-44
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The greatest two commandments - Love God with all we have and our neighbour as ourselves. Our love for God is demonstrated by our actions towards others.
This passage is the transition between Jesus' public ministry and his private ministry to his disciples before his crucifixion.
Jesus warns us about people who are more concerned with appearance and status than about God's view of them.
The teacher of the Law we encounter in the passage is different:
1. He recognised that Jesus had given a 'good answer'.
2. He acknowledged Jesus as a teacher.
3. He asked a genuine question.
4. He read more into the answer than Jesus gave, recognising there was something more important than the letter of the law.

The only one who noticed what the widow gave (all she had) was the One whose opinion truly matters.

Love is the command, the law tells us how.
We are called to love, not like.
Altruism - the Good Samaritan thought 'If I don't stop, what bad thing will happen to him (the man left for dead).
Love is a community thing.

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