16th October 2016

Back to Egypt

Passage: Genesis 43:1-34
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Chapter 42 ended with a cliffhanger.
• Genesis is about mankind's slide into sin, until God starts his redemption through Abraham.
• God's plan rests with the family of Jacob, but that family is dysfunctional.
• Joseph goes from zero to hero, becoming second in command in Egypt
• Joseph's brother's are forced to go to Egypt, but Joseph insists they bring Benjamin when they come back, keeping Simeon in prison in Egypt.
• God in his sovereign grace is able to resolve all the problems - he is in complete control. He gives to us what we don't deserve.

1. The famine continues, therefore forcing the brothers back to Egypt. Part of God's sovereign grace. He is in control of nature and history to achieve his purposes.
2. In the way the characters are being transformed. God was transforming the brothers' characters, in particular Judah. Judah takes personal responsibility for Benjamin.
3. God fills Joseph's heart with mercy towards his brothers. The brothers are met with grace upon grace. The chapter is awash with shalom for the brothers who could not speak shalom to Joseph. Ultimately, it is God who shows mercy.

The Cross is God's greatest demonstration of sovereign grace in history.

How do we respond?

1. We praise him for his grace.
We pray to him asking him for mercy.

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