12th July 2015

Come unto me all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest

Passage: Matthew 11:25-30
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Religion is hard work and you can understand why people reject it.

• Person - the invitation is to a Person, not a ceremony. Jesus is more than a man. There are many misconceptions as to what makes someone a Christian.
• Problem - trying to know God without Jesus gives us a problem. We are burdened with a weight of guilt, and we cannot do it. We cannot just stroll into his presence. Humanly we cannot endure his presence.
• Promise - the invitation is for everyone, and Jesus promises to give us rest for our souls, taking the burden of religion from us. Jesus paid our debt towards God. All he asks is that we submit ourselves to him, entering into a lifelong relationship with him.
Are you feeling burdened?

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