25th September 2016

Cows and Corn

Passage: Genesis 41:1-40
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God does whatever he pleases. Gen 41 shows this very clearly.

Joseph must have asked why all this had happened to him and must have wondered what God was doing. Neither he nor we see the full picture of what God is doing.

1. Pharaoh's dreams
2. Joseph's interpretation of those dreams
3. Joseph's recommendation of what to do.

Five signs of God's sovereignty:

1. God gave Pharaoh two dreams.
2. God reminded the cupbearer or butler about Joseph.
3. God gave Joseph the interpretation of the dreams.
4. God gave Joseph a wise plan.
5. God moved Pharaoh to choose Joseph as his deputy.

In Joseph's story we see the working of God's plan in both the good and the bad. He is still acting now. He was part of something bigger. God used even man's sin to accomplish his purposes.

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