18th September 2016

Dreams and Nighmares

Passage: Genesis 40:1-23
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God can still use dreams today, but for many of us they are not significant.
The Joseph story has three sets of two dreams.
1. Joseph's dreams.
2. The cupbearer and baker's dreams.
3. Pharaoh's dreams.

The providence of God embraced Joseph personally, but extends to us, too. Our forebears had a great sense of God's providence. The Korean Church is praying for 200,000 new converts in Wales.

1. Joseph was a man in God's place, God using him in his position. How do we live in our positions? God is interested in our whole lives. 1 Corinthians 10:31.
2. The dreamer of dreams becomes the interpreter of dreams. In Egyptian culture, dreams were significant. Even the Scriptures need brings the interpretation of dreams under the lordship of God. The interpretations turn out to be true.
3. Though Joseph was forgotten, he was not forgotten by God.

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