30th October 2016

Family Reunion

Passage: Genesis 45:1-46:7
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This is the last of the series on Joseph. Genesis is a book of beginnings, and this sermon summarises the beginning of Genesis. We were left with a cliffhanger at the end of the last sermon.

1. We look at the event through the brothers' eyes.
2. We look at the event through Joseph's eyes. He put them to the test before revealing himself. The brothers passed the test, but how should he treat them? He showed them mercy, seeing the hand of God behind all that had happened.
3. We have God's promises to Abraham, but they end up in Egypt.
a. Pharaoh endorsed the move to Egypt and invited Joseph's family.
b. God told Jacob he would be with him in Egypt.

The scene is now set for the Exodus. Everything was working out as God had told Abraham.

Imagine what would have happened if Joseph had met his brothers with vindictiveness, or God treated us as we deserved rather than God's mercy. How should we respond to God's grace? Our actions should be like Joseph's or God's.

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