23rd July 2017

Freedom Won and Freedom Lost

Passage: Galatians 5:1-12
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Indonesia declared independence in 1947, but it took many years for freedom to come.
The Galatians had been given freedom in Christ, but people had come telling them they needed to become Jews to be saved.
1. Stand firm in the freedom of Christ. We can be tempted to add something to Jesus for salvation. That becomes a heavy yoke. This has consequences:
a. Christ becomes of no value.
b. We become under obligation to the Law.
c. We separate ourselves from Christ.
2. Faith in Christ is the only way to maintain freedom in Christ.
a. God's Spirit keeps on track.
b. We eagerly await the salvation that is to come, focusing on the future. Do we await all that God has prepared?
3. The union with Jesus keeps us on track.
4. We respond in love.

1. Reject those who would take away salvation.
a. Distraction by false teachers turning us off the road of grace.
b. Persuasion not from God. Check if the teaching is true.
c. False teaching brings confusion.
d. False stories about true teachers
e. False teaching removes the offence of the Cross. Human nature wants to promote human teaching. We need to humble ourselves.

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