11th September 2016

God’s Greatest Revelation

Passage: Hebrews 1:1-2:4
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The Hebrews had set off on the right course, but were in danger of drifting off course, going back to Judaism.
The writer wants to encourage them. Like them, we will be tempted to drift away.
1. Jesus is the Revealer of God. We are totally in the dark about God unless he reveals himself. He does this in Jesus, who is God himself.
2. Jesus is the Ruler over all Creation.
a. He created the Universe.
b. He is the Sustainer.
c. He is the heir of all things.
3. Jesus is the Rescuer from sin. Sin stains us indelibly, but Jesus can clean us. He has paid the price.

It is a huge encouragement, but we must pay attention.
1. We are all in danger of drifting away gradually.
2. The consequences can be very serious.
We need to listen to his words.

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