29th November 2015

God’s Judgement

Passage: Isaiah 64:1-12
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At Advent we think of the first coming of the Lord, how he comes to us now. We are, though, looking forward with anticipation to the future coming of the Lord.
The Creeds summarise the essentials of the Christian faith.
Jesus will return in judgement - this is not easy to preach about.
We neglect judgement at our peril. If judgement and hell are real, it is better we recognise it now rather than later.
1. Judgement is Good News - the only way to see an end to evil in the heart of human beings. There is so much evil in the world today.
a. Judgement affirms the character of God - he really is holy and righteous.
b. Judgement affirms the dignity and responsibility of human beings made in the image of God and the choices we make.
c. Something deep within hearts of men and women demands that there should be a judgement.
d. What about you and me? How can we be saved?
2. The New Testament surprise. Jesus seemed to enjoy surrounding himself with outcasts, offering forgiveness and salvation. Jesus came, not as Judge, but as Saviour. There is an opportunity for repentance before the coming judgement.
3. The heart of this rescue operation is the Cross - Jesus taking our punishment on himself.
4. It is unwise to remove judgement from our thinking about the Christian faith. We are all under the judgement of God. Only Christ and the salvation he offers can prepare us for the coming judgement.

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