3rd April 2015

Good Friday

Passage: Mark 15:1-41
Service Type:

This service consisted of readings, music and talks on the events of Good Friday:

The trial is over - expediency has triumphed over justice. Jesus starts his reign from a cross.

Some more positive characters - Simon of Cyrene. Jesus identified with sinners throughout his ministry, now crucified between two rebels. He faces mockery. He can save others only by not saving himself.

Two supernatural events - three hours of darkness at noon and the tearing of the temple curtain. Nature stood in awe of what was being done. Jesus experienced separation from God.
The temple curtain torn in two, speaking of what was achieved; God has intervened to make a new and living way to God.
A surprising pronouncement from the centurion - Christ crucified is the Son of God.

Two groups of people - Joseph of Arimathea - waiting for the Kingdom of God. A group of women - firstly at the cross and now at the tomb.

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