30th April 2017

Gospel Ground Zero

Passage: Galatians 1:1-10
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What's true of art forgeries is even more true of the Gospel. The Galatians had turned to another gospel.
He writes with urgency and passion.
2. No thanksgiving, unlike the letters to the other churches.

To turn from the Gospel is to turn away from God and be cut off forever.

1. What is the true Gospel? The Gospel handed down to the Apostles. It is the benchmark for what we believe today.
2. What does it mean? The Good News of what God has done. He has done everything for us.
3. How do we distort the Gospel?
a. We add to it. Grace plus works. We can develop that mindset today by thinking we are more accepted by doing some things or not doing others.
b. We take away from it. We have to accept that we can't earn that salvation. We must trust in Christ to be saved.

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