21st May 2017

King Solomon Asks for Wisdom

Passage: 1 Kings 3:5-14
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Prayer is a two-way conversation. How two-way are our prayers?
We don't have to be perfect to pray. There were not such good things in Solomon's reign:
His started in a bloody way.
Gibeon was a high place.
He made an alliance with Egypt.
We do need to have a relationship with God. Solomon had a genuine relationship with God, despite his failures. How much more secure is ours?
The request Solomon made
It was humble.
It was appropriate.
It was good. Ps 72:1-4
What are we being called to?
Solomon's prayer was the kind God loves to answer.
Solomon was commended for what he didn't ask for.
God granted his request. A condition was attached. Solomon went wrong later. An increasing gap between head and heart developed. The ultimate answer to Solomon's prayer came in the coming of Jesus. He is the power and wisdom of God.

Jesus asked many people what they wanted. Each one of us may be in Solomon's shoes. What we can learn.

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