17th May 2015

Mercy Abroad and Justice at Home

Passage: Amos 1:1-5
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Amos condemned all Israel's neighbours, but then condemns Israel for its injustice.
Justice is the basis of all true religion.
Amos focused on the oppression of the poor.
The Israelites wanted God to fit conveniently into life.
1. The focus on the impact of the message of Amos on our society and nation.
2. How this spills over into the life of the church.

God in his grace allowed Israel to prosper. We are brought face to face with life in Israel under Jeroboam II. But the Israelites thought they could do as they liked, but God's judgement would be total while paying lip service to his laws.
God holds the history and destiny of all peoples in his hand.
The nation could not presume on the grace of God, nor rely on their own strength. Their religion was nothing but show.
1. Can we see some identification with the unjust world of today?
All society seems to think about is material prosperity.
Our society disregards God, and the church doesn't think it matters that much because the love of God encompasses all.
Compare the publicity for Christian Aid with that of the election campaign.
2. What impact does the message have on the church of God?
Maybe there is a similar culture in the church today as there was in the days of Amos. Underneath is a view of God far from the revelation of him in the Bible. There is the idea that everyone deserves to be loved by God.
The Cross of Christ will lose its significance if we take away the idea that it is an atonement for our sins. In God's mercy, there is a remnant who are prepared to stand up for the truth of the Gospel.

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