5th February 2017

Old and New

Passage: Matthew 5:33-48
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Jesus says: "You have heard it said..., but I say to you...".
Jesus came to fulfil the law , to show us God's righteousness.
He is correcting the poor teaching of the Pharisees.
Why did he do it? He wants us to live it out, bringing glory to God. Our behaviour reveals God to the world. It is the evidence that we are in his Kingdom.
1. Transparent honesty. Jesus demolished the way they treated oaths. It has far-reaching implications. Honesty in all we do.
2. Do not retaliate. Eye for eye... was to restrain revenge.
3. Love even our enemies. This what God has done for us. Who are they?
a. Our persecutors
b. Those who don't love us.
c. Those who are not in our group.
What does it mean to love?
a. Pray for them
b. Do good for them
c. Greet them. The little things day by day.

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