22nd May 2016

Peter Released from Prison

Passage: Acts 12:1-24
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It is a drama in four scenes.
Herod Agrippa I
Christians and the Gospel
Scene 1 - The death of James, brother of John and arrest of Peter.
He is on death row.
The secret weapon of the Christian was prayer. They had been warned that they faced death. James's life was also in God's hands. When did we last pray?
Scene 2 - Peter in prison, chained between two guards. He sleeping peacefully. He is safe in the will of God.
Scene 3 - Mary's house.
The Christians are praying for Peter's release, but they didn't realise that the answer was outside the door.
What we have prayed for is more truly ours than anything else we own.
Scene 4 - the death of Herod.
God's judgement falls on Herod.
No power can prevent the spread of the Gospel. God is in control.

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