14th August 2016

Psalm 80

Passage: Psalm 80:1-19
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A prayer on behalf of the northern kingdom, said by those in the southern one. In 722 BC, Israel had fallen.
1. The prayer starts with a focus on God. It is good to start by doing the same.
2. It continues with a recognition of present reality. The Psalmist is honest with God.
3. He reminds God of past actions. He had blessed them. It is good to reflect on what God has done.
4. Now he asks why God allowed disaster to strike.
5. There is a refrain prayer asking God to restore them, to turn them round, and then turn back to them.
6. Israel's and our predicament is that we can't keep our promises. Jesus bridges the gap between God and man and restore us.
Is God smiling on us?

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