2nd August 2015

Psalm 92

Passage: Psalm 92:1-15
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A walk round a headland lets you see things from different perspectives. Psalm 92 is like that.
Vv 1-3: It is good to praise the Lord.
1. Because of God's love.
2. Because of God's faithfulness - he is faithful to every promise he has made.
Vv 4 & 5: Remember his deeds.
Vv 6 & 7: The wicked seem to flourish - why? Ultimately there is a reckoning.
We've reached the headland - v 8. The psalmist stands in awe and wonder.
V 9: There will be a day of reckoning.
Vv 10 & 11: Whatever the struggle, God gives the Psalmist strength.
Vv 12 - 15: God will help the righteous to flourish as they praise him.

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