4th October 2015

Puffed Up or Grown Up?

Passage: 1 Corinthians 4:1-21
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This sermon was preached the day after England lost to Australia in the Rugby World Cup, which meant that Wales went through to the quarter-final, and the week after some church members came back from a visit to Greece looking at sites important to St. Paul.

Bob showed a mosaic of church in Corinth on the screen.

Paul is explaining his approach, putting the record straight. The Corinthians thought they had moved on. Paul felt their game plan had gone awry.

Paul felt that Christian leaders are servants of a higher Authority. God judges leaders on their faithfulness to him. The Corinthians had a puffed up view of leadership. The true judgement will be made by God when he comes. The Corinthians needed to grow up.

For us, some may be over-confident, other introspectively fearful.

The immature judge by their own opinions or the the views of society. The theme of Old Testament quotes is a warning against pride.

The Church lives on God's gifts. There id no opportunity to be boastful.

Puffed up Christian see themselves as rich and reigning. Some people see material wealth is a sign of God's approval.

Paul shows that God's service can at times be more like an exhausted gladiator in the arena.

Paul chose to do physical work to support himself. Today, people choose to remain faithful and endure, rather than deny Christ and be comfortable.

Do we fit God in, or do we fit in with God? Will we let go of something for God?

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