19th April 2015

Resurrection Hope (2)

Passage: Romans 8:19-39
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Martyn Lloyd Jones had a whole volume on these verses, but this sermon does not attempt that much! The context is living the new life in the Spirit.
Some suffering is normal in the Christian life. Creation, too, is subject to to frustration, as are Christians. There will be glorious freedom together with the children of God.
Half saved - John Stott
1. First fruits - v23
2. We groan inwardly
3. We wait eagerly.
4. In this hope we were saved.
5. We wait patiently.

We are to wait eagerly and patiently together.

We should study these words in the good times so we are prepared for suffering. They provide encouragement in our suffering. The battle is still going on, but the victory has been won.

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