15th June 2014

Revelation 6:1 – 7:17

Passage: Revelation 6:1-7:17
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A continuation of the series of Revelation covering chapters 6 and 7.
The Scroll represents God's covenant to give humanity the Kingdom of God - the outcome will be good.
First four seals - the horsemen.
1. Military conquest
2. Takes peace from the earth
3. Famine - could refer to an actual event.
4. Pestilence.
But nothing is outside God's control.
Fifth seal - the souls of the righteous slain.
Sixth seal - God's ultimate judgement.
There are two outcomes - 1. We can't escape God's judgement.
2. Points to the promise of the Christian hope.
Jesus came to the world and was slain to bring people to his Father's Kingdom and so they would not have to face God's judgement.

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