23rd February 2020
Hope and rescue is more important and harder than creating the Universe so one quarter of Genesis is given to the story of Joseph which pre-figures the rescue that Jesus…

Matthew 2:1-12

5th January 2020
The Magi showed a correct response to the infant Messiah when they worshipped him. Herod showed a wrong response. He didn't seek the Messiah and thought only of maintaining his…

Luke 2:25-35

29th December 2019
Simeon rejoiced in the fulfilled promise of the Messiah after a long period of waiting. He rejoiced that all people, not just the Jews, would benefit. At the same time…

Isaiah 9:1-7

22nd December 2019
Many of us feel like Atlas, carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders. The pressure on leaders is unbearable. The world of God has got smaller. Jesus came…

The weakness of God

29th September 2019
In both democracies and dictatorships citizens may feel powerless. The psalms express this emotion and help us to pray. Christ crucified is God's power and wisdom.
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