God’s Glory Revealed

10th December 2017
Moses prayed "show me your glory". He was a faithful servant and experienced remrkable fellowship. The revelation of God came to Moses and comes to us at personal cost. We…

Golden Calf

26th November 2017
Idolatry is very dangerous and deceitful. Moses was a powerful intercessor and mediator who pre-figured Christ. Paul provides comment on this incident in 1 Corinthians 10:1-13

The Tabernacle

19th November 2017
The Tabernacle encourages us to look back as its construction mirrors the 7 days of creation and to look up to God's heavenly throne room. We should rejoice as we…


12th November 2017
God made a covenant with his people through Moses and both parties ratified it. The writer to the Hebrews affirms that Jesus was and is the mediator of a new…

God Speaks

5th November 2017
God used the Law to establish a relationship with his people and to proclaim his will for them. He was their one true God in a pluralistic world. In the…


22nd October 2017
The Israelites travelled through a long route through a wilderness with little natural provision. So they grumbled. God gave hree signs 1. The glory of God appeared 2. The quails…

The Red Sea

15th October 2017
The Children of Israel were led to the desert and modern day Christians face regular difficulties. Exodus asks us to identify with God's purposes. His purpose was that the Egyptiams…

The Passover

8th October 2017
We have the privelege of reading about the Passover in the light of Jesus - the Lamb of God. The Israelites were told to use the Passover as an aid…

The Plagues

1st October 2017
The LORD set a time to deal with Pharaoh and raised up Pharaoh for his purpose. Pharaoh, his officials and all Egypt would learn that He was the LORD. The…

Defiance and Promise

24th September 2017
Exodus tells us so much about God's plan of salvation, not just for Israel but for humankind. Despite Moses' disobedience and failure God patiently gave him another chance and Moses…
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