The Healer

26th November 2017
Jesus tested the royal official's faith because he wanted the man to gain more than just a son restored to health. Jesus is within reach of us by prayer and…

The Prophet

29th October 2017
John the Baptist is the humble prophet, herald and friend of the bridegroom. Jesus is the pre-eminent prophet. He is God's Son, speaks first-hand testimony and is uniquely endowed with…
Nicodemus was at the top of the religious hierarchy in Israel but he was not in God's Kingdom. Despite his Old Testament knowledge he did not know salvation. He would…

The Temple

8th October 2017
Jesus confronts the lost sense of awe at the holiness of God by proportionate use of violence. In doing so he fulfills OT prophecy.

The Bridegroom

1st October 2017
In recording this sign John is telling us that Jesus is the Messiah. Where the bridegroom in Cana failed Jesus stepped in. Revelation tells us that there will be a…

The Chosen One

24th September 2017
All humankind experiences spiritual hunger and a sense of guilt. We need a rescuer and John the Baptist identified Jesus as that rescuer. Jesus is the Lamb of God, the…

The Word

10th September 2017
The reason John wrote his book that we might believe in Jesus and have life in his name. We need a bigger vision of Jesus. John 1 is like a…
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