5th March 2017

The Antidote to Worry

Passage: Matthew 6:1-34
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Three worries

1. Your life - eat and drink
2. Your body - what you will wear.
3. Troubles

Three groups of people
1. The hypocrites
2. The pagans
3. The disciples

Their attitude to God.
1. They need to know that they can trust him.
a. God feeds the birds.
b. God clothes the flowers
2. They need to know that they belong to him - body, soul and mind.
3. They need to put him first. We need to give our hearts to Jesus.
Trusting God and anxiety are opposites.

Their attitude to possessions
1. Disciples are not to store up treasures on earth.
2. Disciples are to sit loose to things others worry about.
Their attitude to events
There will be troubles, but they need not be multiplied by worrying about them before they occur.

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