12th July 2015

The Death of John the Baptist

Passage: Mark 6:14-29
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How is this story relevant?
It has a powerful message for us all:
1. God's Kingdom has come in the person of Jesus Christ.
2. Why do people reject God's Kingdom?
3. There is a cost in being a member of God's Kingdom - we have to make God king, and repent, giving some things up. Herod and Herodias are not willing. The challenge is to us throughout our lives. Be quick to repent.
4. There is a cost to be a witness. Our message calls for change, which people don't want hear. There is a parallel between John of Jesus. Some people today face death for the Gospel.

Two questions:
• Is it really worth it? John would say yes.
• Where can I find the strength? God will provide it.
Mark wants us to press on in confidence.

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