20th September 2015

Tolerate what the adult world does to children?

Passage: Matthew 18:1-9
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Would Jesus tolerate what the adult world does to children?
Quick answer: No!
The media are full of the stories of refugees and their children. Children are vulnerable. It prompts one of the most violent statements of Jesus.
How did Jesus get there? The disciples asked who was the greatest in God's Kingdom. Jesus took a child and stood him or her among the disciples. They are told to imitate the child's attitude. There is no place in God's Kingdom for those out for self or selfish ambition.
Children are not to be:
• Abused
• Despised

One of the few references to guardian angels. Refer to Isaiah 6. The guardian angels of children gaze directly on the face of God, because they are so important. We need to take drastic action if we are likely to cause the little ones to stumble. Are we using our talents to help the vulnerable? Faced with them, what would Jesus do and want us to do?

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