Psalm 4

22nd September 2019
David's response to distress is to cry to God. God will act righteously. His enemies may slander David but his status before God is what matters. We can use David's…

Psalm 133

15th September 2019
The psalmist affirms how good it is when believes demonstrate unity. When acting in unity churches can achieve so much. Jesus prayed for unity among those who believed because it…

Psalm 66

1st September 2019
This is a psalm of praise and thanksgivingThe psalmist rehearses God's good ness to his people and then gives us his personal response. God has tested his people and has…

Psalm 50

25th August 2019
Psalm 50 is a prophetic message of judgement on a people who appear to be zealous in their outward worship but who are behaving as if God needed them. They…

Psalm 8

18th August 2019
This psalm shows us how insignificant we are and how precious. God's name is majestic because of his glory, his love and the dignity he has given to his creatures.

Psalm 79

11th August 2019
This psalm acknowledges God's punishment but is slow to confess sin. The psalmist calls on God to punish the nations who were his agent in punishing Israel. He is concerned…
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