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Some decisions in life don't seem to matter. Many believe it doesn't matter which religion you choose.  Bible only acknowledges 2 ways to live (13). Most religion says " do" Jesus…


23rd February 2020
Hope and rescue is more important and harder than creating the Universe so one quarter of Genesis is given to the story of Joseph which pre-figures the rescue that Jesus…

Matthew 7:1-14

23rd February 2020
Don't judge is very post modern!! Must be interpreted in context with verse 6. Don't write off others because we know who we really are. We think of ourselves as…
For all of the ages and all over the world we represent Bible characters like ourselves e.g. an Ethiopian Adam and Eve. "Were you there when they crucified my Lord?"…
How did Jesus live the way he did? He prayed the psalms. Our prayers need a mediator and we have no access apart from Jesus. Psalm 1 tells us that…
The Word of God  - it changes how we live. Why bother? Do we love it? Our Bible knowledge today is limited. In the old days they knew it better.…

Cheerful giving

9th February 2020
Giving can be a blessing. To the giver. To the recipient. To God. We give out of love and gratitude to God. Giving is a ministry.

Christians Against Poverty

2nd February 2020
Sian Hearsey's talk sharing the mission of CAP and how St Mark's could join in and contribute to this work.
The context is treasure in heaven or earth. If we live laying up treasure in heaven what will this look like? God is our Heavenly Father not our headmaster. God…
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