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Cheerful giving

9th February 2020
Giving can be a blessing. To the giver. To the recipient. To God. We give out of love and gratitude to God. Giving is a ministry.

Christians Against Poverty

2nd February 2020
Sian Hearsey's talk sharing the mission of CAP and how St Mark's could join in and contribute to this work.
The context is treasure in heaven or earth. If we live laying up treasure in heaven what will this look like? God is our Heavenly Father not our headmaster. God…
We have the investment opportunity of a lifetime. Each day we pray that God's kingdom will come. It does not make sense to invest in this transient world, as it…

Why read the Bible?

5th January 2020
Why read the Bible? The Desert Fathers thought it offered more than anything the world could offer. Bible reading is not an end in itself. An attitude of seeking God…

Matthew 2:1-12

5th January 2020
The Magi showed a correct response to the infant Messiah when they worshipped him. Herod showed a wrong response. He didn't seek the Messiah and thought only of maintaining his…

Luke 2:25-35

29th December 2019
Simeon rejoiced in the fulfilled promise of the Messiah after a long period of waiting. He rejoiced that all people, not just the Jews, would benefit. At the same time…
The wise men travelled for years to worship a baby. What did they find? A king. The creator of everything. They gave gifts but they didn't say anything. They found…
The Messiah had been promised since Adam and Eve had first sinned. Simeon had been told that he would live long enough to see the Messiah. When he held the…

Winter to Christmas

22nd December 2019
Preached at the 2019 Carol Service. What is there to celebrate about winter? It is a code for all that is wrong in the world. God chose not to ignore…
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