We are proud to support people who go far and wide to spread the Good News.

Rev. David Bhakiaraj & and Liz
Rev. David Bhakiaraj & and LizServing with PIONEERS UK in Cardiff
David and Liz are originally from India, served in their home country for eighteen years, the Philippines for three years and in the Middle East for five years before coming to Cardiff in 2012 to work with PIONEERS. They have a married daughter and a son in Uni. Their ministry is among unreached people in the city who represent the major religions of the world and have come from countries closed to the gospel.
Along with their team of fellow missionaries and many volunteers, David and Liz have been working among children, students, women, men, families, and those with special needs. Many of these people are refugees, asylum seekers and immigrants.
The goal of their ministry is to present the gospel to the different ethnic communities in culturally relevant ways, give them an opportunity to know and have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, help them become strong disciples and support them to be effective witnesses among their own people.
The ministry is carried out in partnership with several local English-speaking churches and ethnic fellowships (Arabic, Indian, Iranian, Filipino & Pakistani), and seeks to encourage, train and initiate outreach opportunities for these brothers & sisters to either join with or start on their own.
David also serves as Area Leader of PIONEERS, for the Mid England & Wales area and supports, mentors and offers pastoral care for missionaries already serving in the area. He is hoping to recruit new missionaries to serve in the major cities in the Midlands to initiate gospel outreach among the different ethnic communities.
Dr Ann-Marie Wilson
Dr Ann-Marie Wilson
A psychologist and training consultant with 30 years’ experience, Ann-Marie has a background in corporate life and her own not-for-profit consultancy firm specialising in charity projects. Since 2004, Ann-Marie has worked in full-time aid work, holding positions for eight overseas relief, rehabilitation or development agencies in 18 countries.