We are proud to support people who go far and wide to spread the Good News.

Rev. David Bhakiaraj & and Liz

Revd David Bhakiaraj and Liz Bhakiaraj

Ann-Marie Wilson

David and Liz live in Cardiff and work with Pioneers. David and Liz serve among children, students, women, men, families, and those with Special needs. The goal of their ministry is to present the gospel to the different ethnic communities in culturally relevant ways.

David is Pioneers area leader for mid England and Wales. In this role he has been talking by zoom with many people throughout the world telling them of the vast need for more Gospel outreach among unreached people groups.

Ann-Marie Wilson is based in London and is supported by the Church Mission Society. She is working to end FGM and violence against women and girls, specifically across Africa and the diaspora where FGM is practised.

She is currently on sabbatical seeking God’s guidance on her future roles.

Alina, Malcolm, Juls & Svitlana


Central Eurasian Partner’s main aim is to maximise the impact of the Gospel in Central Europe and Central Asia by matching the experience and resources of western partners with the cultural sensitivity, financial resourcefulness and relational networks of eastern partners.

They ask us to join them in giving thanks for a positive response from the body of Christ around the world who have supported the ministries in Ukraine.

Amigos is a Christian organisation working in Uganda to bring about sustainable and lasting change through education, vocational training, conservation farming and clean water. St Mark’s members have visited Kira Training and development Centre. Fifty young men and women are interviewed and chosen each year from deprived areas in Uganda. The aim is to teach the young men and women “sustainable farming God’s way”, as well as vocational and management skills. They are able to choose carpentry, tailoring, hairdressing, building and animal husbandry in a one-year residential programme.