Hope 2022

Hope 21 was a five-day event hosted by Roger Carswell between 12-16 April 2021 (Tuesday to Saturday of Holy Week) where he interviewed people whose lives had been changed by Jesus. There were of five talks. He also spoke at St. Mark’s on Easter Day If you missed any or would like to see them again, here they are:

  1. 12th April – Interview with a religious person. We could not record this as they were from a Muslim-majority country and it would be risky to record them.
  2. 13th April Interview with a survivor of the Aberfan disaster of 1966 followed by Roger Carswell’s talk.
  3. 14th April Interview with a former gangster.
  4. 15th April (Good Friday) Interview with someone caught up in the First Gulf War as a child. He nobly stepped in at the last minute as Alison Stoner, a former heroin addict was unable to come. An interview with her can be found here.
  5. 16th April (Easter Eve) Interview with a former rugby star (and thug).
  6. 17th April (Easter Day) Easter Day at St. Mark’s.

The entire playlist can be viewed here.