24th May 2015

Fulfilment of Prophecy – Amazing Gift

Passage: Acts 2:1-47
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Pentecost - fiftieth - a Jewish harvest festival
It was preached in two parts with a song in between.
Part 1
Spirit and wind are the same Hebrew word.
Pentecost is the birth of the Church.
The gift was for all; God's Spirit is for all people.
Part 2
Why did Pentecost happen? The last stage in God's plan before Jesus' return, bringing:
General togetherness
People were being drawn to God and what he was doing.
Do we expect God to act? We are called to wait on God. All the believers were filled, received power. We need to be open to God, even if that is scary. What could we do? It is easy to forget. What would things look like were we to seek more fullness?

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