22nd February 2020

How to read the Bible

Passage: Psalm 29
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The Word of God  - it changes how we live.

  1. Why bother? Do we love it? Our Bible knowledge today is limited. In the old days they knew it better. We all have time to read it, but do we want to? Do we go to the Bible for practical advice? If you have a personal copy, you possess what only monarchs had in the ancient world. 'Whoever wrote this book made me'. We can come to realise that what we think of God is wrong. It is where we are transformed.
  2. Good to have a notebook.
  3. What to do with spare minutes? Break the Bible down to manageable proportions and read a book that fits the time. 
  4. Once per year is about 10 minutes a day. 30 minutes morning and evening is five or six times a year. Versions aren't that important.
  5. Read the Bible together in church. The context of the Bible is church. It was written for ordinary church people by church people. 
  6. Journalling - notes on the passages.
  7. Stay in the Bible - just read it. God knew that people would be reading it all over the world. Trust that the Bible will give you all you need to understand it.
  8. Places and people - look up what the names mean. Places - find out what happened there.
  9. Invest in the Old Testament - you won't understand the New without the Old.
  10. Jesus is LORD. It is the basic Christian confession. 

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