8th February 2015

I Did It My Way?

Passage: Genesis 15:1-6
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Gen 13 Abram gives the choice of land to Lot.
Gen 14 Lot is captured. Abram trusts in God to help and frees Lot. Abram refused the offer of loot from the king of Sodom. These were summarised because we had a different theme for the 10.45 service on 1 February.

1. Abram's fear. God reassures him. God has promised us protection and provision.
2. Abram's frustration. He speaks his mind to God, and God reassures him. Faith is being convinced that God is true. We are justified by faith in God. But it is easy to be frustrated when our prayers are apparently not answered.
3. Abram's failure. Ten years have elapsed - still no son. What has happened to God's promise? All three characters fail. Neither Abram and Sarai thought to ask God what he thought of their plan. Søren Kierkegaard said 'I must never, at any moment, presume to say there is no way out for God because I cannot see any.' God's way is always best.

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