16th July 2017

The Fruits of the Spirit

Passage: Galatians 5:16-26
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It may be difficult to remember Gal 5:22f. Our natural selves militate against the fruit of the Spirit. Love is a choice; we can choose to live by the Spirit. On what are we building our lives. After a Christian festival like Greenbelt, the preacher came back inspired, but after a time, that dwindled. It was not God who changed, but the preacher. The challenge is how to keep close to God.
1. Make our roots in Jesus.
2. Ask God to help us prioritize things in our lives.
3. Matt 18:2f we are called to be like children.

Do we forget to turn to God. We must not turn people away because we are too busy. We need to consider our priorities. Can you become more involved?

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