9th October 2016

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Passage: Genesis 42:1-42 :38
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It must have been a challenge for Joseph to be governor of Egypt.
God used their experiences to refine Jacob's family.

1. The pressure of need. They could not experience the spiritual release in Canaan.
2. Joseph's rough treatment of his brothers. Maybe it was necessary for him to discover if their characters had changed?
3. They are given time to think - in prison.

What challenges can it leave with us?

1. The barren times can stir a sense of spiritual need.
2. God can use the pain that we go through. We're not told of Joseph's motives. Sometimes God turns up the heat to bring us to our senses.
3. Testing - God wants to bring out the best in us.

We have to confess our sins for God to use us.

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