28th September 2014

Ephesians Talk 2

Passage: Ephesians 1:15-22
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Paul's focus is on Where are we going?' God's purpose: to bring all things together in unity under Christ (1:10).

The Church is God's plan stage one. Jew and Gentile were united in the Ephesian church.

A prayer of thanks 15-16.
Their faith in Jesus and their love for God's people. Paul has not stopped thanking.

A prayer of asking 17-19a.
For wisdom, enlightenment
A hope - our destiny is heaven
Untold wealth in Jesus
God's power working in us - the power that raised Christ from death

Jesus is now seated in kingly authority above all others. Jesus is the source of the Church's life, and it is his body.

We are called to be full of Christ. Don't duck out.

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