2nd October 2016

Famine Relief

Passage: Genesis 41:41-57
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Joseph, not so much as dreamer but a visionary. He held on to his trust in God through everything.
After the dreams, Joseph explains the vision - grain stores in every city. Joseph becomes Grand Vizier of Egypt. Joseph's dreams start to be fulfilled.

1. God's word through Joseph is being fulfilled
2. Joseph acts proactively as does Tearfund today.
3. What happens when people do not act proactively?
4. We should thank God for times of blessing and seek his strength in times of trouble.
In the years of famine, God's word through Joseph comes true again. Joseph the collector becomes Joseph the distributor. The solid were full. God's purposes reach out beyond the present. Christians should be involved in bringing relief and comfort.
Joseph foreshadows Jesus in going through suffering before saving his people.

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