5th July 2015

God so Loved the World – John 3:16

Passage: John 3:1-21
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John 3:16 is the best-known verse in the Bible. It appears all over the place, pervading US culture in particular.
It encapsulates the Gospel in a nutshell. But overfamiliarity can lead to blindness. It is a danger for this verse.
The context - Jesus visited by Nicodemus, who wants to know more. Nicodemus needs to put his trust in the crucified Saviour.
John then adds his inspired commentary. Jesus, the Son of God, has gone to the cross for us - John wants to drive home what God has done for us - stand in awe of what God has done.
We have become blind to the message:
1. To the horror of our own sin - God has given us all we need, yet we have rejected him.
2. To the humiliation of the cross - God placed the punishment due to us on his only Son, Jesus. He did it all because he loved us.
All God requires of us is that we look to Jesus, lifted on the Cross, and trust him.

The key question - how can we be born from above? By looking to Jesus, lifted up on the Cross for us.

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