23rd April 2017

I Will Build my Church.

Passage: Matthew 16:13-20
Service Type:

1. What is the Church.
a. It is a building.
b. It is the people - God's people gathered.
i. All age - from octogenarians to babes in arms.
ii. A sense of God's presence.
iii. A sense of belonging together.
2. Whose church is it? It is the church of Jesus Christ. We need to be willing to let Jesus have his way. We must beware of relying on talent and not Jesus. We can be joined to the church and not to the Head. Are you connected to the Head.
3. What did Jesus promise for the Church?
a. To grow in quality.
b. To grow in quantity. We need to see others coming to know Christ.
c. There will be opposition. Faith grows by being tested.

Pray for the appointment of the next bishop and vicar. Pray ''Thy Kingdom come".

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