29th March 2015

One Son was Spared

Passage: Genesis 22:1-19
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How do God's purposes square with God's command to Abraham?
This was a test of Abraham. We know it, but Abraham did not.
Abraham is told to trust God and he will be shown the way. So are we.
With God every day is a new page. Yesterday's faith can't be used for tomorrow's problems.
1. Abraham's love for Isaac.
2. Note the order in which Abraham gets ready.
3. There was the long journey.
4. God himself will provide the lamb.
5. Isaac is old enough to flee, but doesn't.
6. God intervenes. Abraham's obedience is fully tested.
7. Abraham sees the ram - God provides the sacrifice.
8. Abraham's dedication and obedience shows that he is a worthy partner, as does Isaac's.

The Jews learnt that they owed God everything.
The Temple was built on Mount Moriah.
Jesus is God's beloved Son as Isaac was to Abraham.

Jesus willingly played his part in the salvation of the world.

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