27th September 2015

Stargazing or Sowing@

Passage: 1 Corinthians 3:1-23
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This was preached the morning after Wales beat England in the 2015 World Cup, which explains the introduction.
We are looking at leadership from a Christian perspective.
Corinth was a blend of Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Paul had had a letter reporting that the church in Corinth had split into factions, and there were quarrels and jealousy among them.
Paul's approach:
There is a deeper, underlying cause - immaturity, as opposed to spiritual.
What does this mean? The natural mind can't understand the things of God, but considers it foolishness. They are not living their lives in the light of the Cross.
1. There is no room for boasting.
2. We serve a servant King - we follow him as servants.
The Corinthians were still shaped by the world.
Principles of leadership - people exercise leadership in many different ways.
1. Christian leaders are simply servants.
2. Leaders are simply farm labourers - it is God who gives the growth.

1. We must never put leaders on a pedestal.
2. We must avoid being put on a pedestal ourselves.
3. We must avoid competiveness.

Leaders must be careful how they build. Everything we do will be tested when Jesus returns, so we must build with the right materials. The only foundation is Jesus and him crucified.
Where did the Corinthians go wrong? They failed to let the message of the Cross penetrate their hearts.

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